Saturday, 8 April 2017

Status of the Blog

April and my first post for 2017. Like most blogs at some point the writer losses interest or time. I intend to keep posting but far less regularly as I spend more timing down the climbing wall and less time gaming, and when I do play wargames I feel less compelled to write about my experiences.

Solo gaming has sort of died for me, as has reading rules. Who knows perhaps it will come back but in the past 5 months all the games I have played have been short face to face affairs as I still enjoy the social aspects of the hobby. I do intend to solo my copy of the Dark Valley by Ted Racier at some point, and perhaps round of Quatre Batailles en Espagne but that's about it and that could take me a good year.

Having said this I do intend to publish several quick posts in quick succession.

I considered adding a meme, but the Battleship Yamoto is better than any I could think of.

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